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Dennis Sirett
On behalf of council
The Terraces-Strata VIS3995

October 18th 2013 To whom it may concern:

Approximately one year ago our strata council at The Terraces in Nanaimo was receiving numerous complaints and concerns regarding the deteriorating appearance of the roofs. Most of the 50 buildings (89 doors) had acquired a significant accumulation of moss along with a lot of dark staining due to dirt and algae. Our roofing contractor suggested that we discuss the problem with Brad Berekoff, the owner of The Great Canadian Roof Doctor.

Council struck an ad hoc committee to meet with Brad and come up with a recommendation to council as to how to deal with the unsightly roof problems. After a few weeks of discussion and investigation the ad hoc committee recommended that we engage Brad’s company to clean (pressure wash) the roofs to remove all the organic material and then apply an acrylic latex sealer specifically designed to seal the asphalt shingles and protect against Sun, Rain, Wind, Fire, Ice, Snow, Salt, Hail, Moss, & Algae for 5 years.
Brad stated that by doing this treatment will prolong the life of our shingles by an additional 5 to 10 years beyond their normal expected life of (25yrs). Our shingles are currently between 12 and 17 years old. We intend to reseal the roofs in 5 years (2018) as per Brad’s recommendation in order to prolong the life and appearance of the roofs.
This project was not taken on with out a lot of discussion and due diligence. When the proposal was taken to the homeowners at a Special General Meeting the vote to proceed was passed with only 2 opposing votes.

Only time will ultimately determine whether our community has made a wise investment, but as for now, the roofs look great. The original color and appearance of the shingles has been restored and council’s phones have stopped ringing because of the former disgusting appearance of the roofs.
It should be added that Brad was very good at dealing with the homeowners regarding any concerns they had during the several months that it took to complete the work. Customer service is vital to maintaining harmony in the community especially during a project of this magnitude.
Please feel free to contact myself or other council members regarding this project.

Follow up notes: 5 years later in 2018

We found that we do not have to re-seal the roofs 5 years later, rather the original 5-year warranty was extended to 10-years at no extra cost.