eh, whats up doc?

 What is Dr. Shields Canadian Roof Armor?

A. Tested & Proven, Dr. Shields Canadian Roof Armor is a 100% acrylic elastomeric, latex based roof sealer manufactured specifically to extend the life of fibreglass shingle roofs. Also proven to be very effective on torch-on and tile roofs. 

 Is Dr. Shields Canadian Roof Armor Permeable?

A. Yes, Dr. Shields Canadian Roof Armor is a permeable acrylic allowing the roof deck to breath. Remember your attic should be properly breathing through your roof vents, not only your roof deck. 

 Will Dr. Shields Canadian Roof Armor cause harm to my fiberglass asphalt roof?

A. No, this is a tested & proven product designed and manufactured specifically to extend the life of fibreglass shingles by simply stopping granule loss and the drying out process of the asphalt.  

 What is the cause of a “30 year” roof lasting only 15 or 20 years?

A. This is caused from the tiny ceramic stones (Granules) dislodging from the sun, rain, wind, ice, snow, hail, moss. Once the ceramic stones or (Granules) come off, the layer of asphalt is exposed to UV rays. The asphalt dies out even with the granules in place however the drying out process snowballs as more of the granules due come off the shingle which then quickly dries out, curls, cracks, which in turn promotes faster granular loss on the rest of the shingle. And around, around it goes, until the shingles are completely dried out past the point of repairing, cleaning or weatherproofing (sealing). 

 What is covered in a shingle manufacturer warranty?

A.  Manufacturer defects, only if a leak is caused. The term 30, 40, or 50 year shingle does not imply from the manufacturer that the shingle will last that long. For whichever number length (30 year, 40 year, 50 year) any shingle manufacturer's chooses, their limited, prorated warranty, will only cover manufactures defects. By the time (15-20 years) your roof has deteriorated naturally you will probably never have a manufacture defect on your roof. Do not be mislead.  

 If my 30-year roof fails before 30 years, will my warranty cover me for a new roof?

A. No, normal weathering (Granule loss, asphalt drying) is not covered in any shingle warranty.

 How much extra life will I get if my roof shingles are sealed?

A. If caught in time, our new 10 year warranty gives you the coverage you were looking for, covering durability of the shingles themselves. For added life simply clean & re-coat every 10 to 15 years.

 What is a manufacturing defect?

A. A manufacturing defect is when a section of granules falls of the shingle in one area. This defect comes from the plant where the granules did not adhere properly to the asphalt. Natural weathering or wear is never covered in your 30, 40 or 50 (Lifetime) year warranty. 

 Why should I seal my roof with Dr. Shields Canadian Roof Armor?

A. Dr. Shields Canadian Roof Armor trumps the manufactures warranty by stopping the very thing that the shingle manufacturers do not cover, normal aging, weathering, drying out & granule loss. Durability. 

 Why do the shingle manufacturers not seal the granules on the shingle right from the plant?

A. Shingle manufactures are not as interested in your roof lasting, as much as you are. If shingles don't last, they will sell more.

 Are all acrylic sealers the same?

A. No, acrylics come in different viscosities witch will determine how well the surface is protected & how long the acrylic will last. Dr. Shields Canadian Roof Armor is a thick acrylic latex based resin. This is not like a typical driveway acrylic sealer, which is very thin. 

 Will Dr. Shields Canadian Roof Armor make my roof slippery?

A. Slippery when wet, yes. However a professional will have the proper equipment and footwear to walk on any roof in any condition. When the roof is dry it will actually be easier to walk on then if your roof was not sealed. When your roof is not sealed the granules slide off from under your feet making it hard to make a sure foot. When roof shingles are sealed this does not happen. We recommend wearing deck boots, or a flat, soft souled shoe/boot. 

 Can all roofs be sealed with Dr. Shields Canadian Roof Armor?

A. No, if a roof is to dried out, or to many granules gone, you are better off to spend your money on a having a new roof installed & then sealed. However if you do catch it in time you will add years, save thousands and you may never have to re-roof again.

 My roof is 20 years old can it be sealed, so I don’t have to re-roof?

A. It is not the age of the roof rather the condition of it that determines weather sealing is beneficial or not. We have sealed over 1,000 shingle roofs on Vancouver Island and every one of them has been inspected to determine if it should be replaced or cleaned & sealed (weatherproofed). 

 My roof is full of moss & algae staining, can I still have it sealed?

A. Yes, however your roof in this case must be carefully cleaned (de-mossed) using water & low pressure to safely prepare the surface area for sealing. The Great Canadian Roof Doctor Specializes in Roof Cleaning & Sealing (weatherproofing). 

 Should I use tide with bleach or other chemicals to clean my roof?

A. No, you should never use chemicals to clean shingle roofs. Cleaning chemicals dry out the asphalt in the shingles faster, then the natural drying process. The Great Canadian Roof Doctor Inc. uses only water & the appropriate pressure along with the a bag full of experience to safely prepare the roof surface for sealing. 

 Why do shingle manufactures recommend to use bleach to clean a shingle roof? 

        A. It is true that bleach will clean your roof. The problem is that, if the asphalt in shingles dry out naturally on their own, then it only makes sense that bleach will accelerate the drying out process. This in turn also accelerates the granule loss. This is NOT a responsible recommendation and should not be followed. Even if the shingle manufacturers do know that their recommendation is aiding in drying out your roof, we must ask ourselves, is it in their benefit for shingles to dry out? Well, yes it is, because they in turn get to sell more shingles.       

 Someone told me you should never use a pressure washer to clean a roof, is this true?

A. Of course we don’t recommend that just anybody set out to clean a roof using a pressure washer. That would be the same as your dentist recommending that it is ok for anyone to perform dentistry, or for a surgeon to recommend that anyone perform hart surgery. With water & pressure you can cut through steel, conversely you can blow the dust off a book, depending on the amount of pressure, the attachments, & the technique performed by a trained professional. Roof cleaning is a very delicate job and should only be performed by a trained professional.

 Is Dr. Shields Canadian Roof Amor available in the stores?

A. No, this is an exclusive product available only through The Great Canadian Roof Doctor Inc.