“An ounce of Inspection is worth a pound of re-roofing!”


Roof inspections are simply careful examinations that determine the integrity of a roof, how long it may last and when it will need to be replaced. With all roof types, deficiencies and overall wear from weather are looked for. Most roofs will have sections that have weathered more then other sections.

If your roof looks like it needs to be replaced, wait, it may not. Call us for a free visual roof inspection to determine if your roof can be saved in its last days or if it is too far gone. Most roof types can have problem spots replaced, allowing the rest of the roof to further live on. A written residential roof inspection starts at $299.00. 

“You wouldn't have your dentist do your accounting, or your accountant do your dentistry, so leave your roofing to the roof doctors"

Roof Doctor has restored hundred's of older roofs (10-20 years, some older if in good enough condition) back to a like new looking condition for a fraction of the replacement cost. This restoration process includes a full roof clean & weatherproofing (sealing), gluing the remaining granules to the roof and protecting from further deterioration for 10 years. Torch-on, Cedar & concrete tile roofs can also have medical treatment to extend there lives.



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