Metal Roofs are for life

When considering a new roof, consider a metal roof and you’ll be glad you did.

The Great Canadian Roof Doctor Inc. offers Metal Roofing sales and installations.

The Doctor's first recommendation is a steel metal roof. We have installed steel metal roofs throughout the lower mainland, Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands and the Okanogan valley. We provide complete and professional steel metal re-roofing and new roofing on residential homes, industrial buildings and commercial developments.

For a sleek look, Snap-lock 24 or 26 gauge continuous roofing with a hidden fastener system from 12 inch to 24 inch wide standing seam roofing panels is a great choice. 

The Great Canadian Roof Doctor Inc. is proud to introduce our newest product. Super Shake Steel Roof is pre-painted steel with a texturized finish. This textured finish not only delivers an eye-catching, 3D visual effect to the product, but also provides a surface that is more durable and scratch-resistant than standard pre-painted product. Super Shake Steel Roof comes with a low-gloss finish in a silicon-modified polyester (SMP) paint system. This texturized finish also offers stronger colour retention and the best resistance yet to chalking and fading. A perfect product for both residential and commercial projects, Super Shake Steel Roof is ideal for roofing where enhanced visual depth and proven performance are desired. For a more traditional look we recommend our exclusive Super Shake Steel Roof. This strong 26 gauge high quality Shake profile emulates the traditional cedar shake wood roofs without all the problems that plaque wood roofs in a wet climate. Super Shake profile is suitable for 4/12 pitch and greater.

Call for a free roof consultation; ask to see our colour selection chart.
Over the life of your home, metal roofing is probably the most economical roofing material because it can be the last roof you need to buy & requires little to no maintenance.

It offers a long-life alternative to problem-plagued roofing materials such as asphalt, clay, wood and slate.
Metal is a preferred roofing material across Canada due to the various harsh weather systems. Since metal reflects 70% of the sun’s energy, heat retention is minimized and the home is cooler in the summer.

Snap-Lock Metal Roofing is ideal for replacing low slope tar and gravel roofs and is especially effective in highly forested areas.