Dr Shields Roof Armor – Why Seal Your Roof?

Asphalt Shingle Weathering


It all started at the dinner table, when Brad Berekoff (Founder of The Great Canadian Roof Doctor Inc.) was chatting with his family about how the roofs are not lasting as long as they are supposed to be warrantied for.  30 year, 40 year, even lifetime warranties on roofs that in reality are only lasting 15 to 20 years, on average. “The granules are not sticking to the shingle”, Brad said. Just then Brad’s 4 year old daughter Mary, with spaghetti all over her face, looked up at him and said, “Daddy, why don’t you just glue it”? It took awhile for the idea to come full circle in Brad’s mind but it eventually hit him, and “Dr. Shields Canadian Roof Armor” was created. A clear acrylic roof sealer engineered specifically to withstand the harsh Canadian climate, which would in turn weatherproof the roof shingles and make them last longer. 5 years later after “Dr. Shields Canadian Roof Armor.” has proven to exceed original expectations by a landslide, The Great Canadian Roof Doctor Inc. team (Including Mary, now 10 years of age) are all pleased to announce that their original 5 year weatherproofing warranty has now doubled, as of 2017, to a 10 year weatherproofing warranty. Brad Berekoff and Bob Cassady, P.Eng. are now projecting that the life expectancy of roof shingles when caught in time and weatherproofed (sealed) should at least double.


The natural weathering process of an asphalt shingle roof can be stopped

Roof shingle weathering occurs from: A) water infiltration into the asphalt, which then leaches out the oils from the asphalt, resulting in a drying out process that weakens the asphalt’s bond to the granules, B) temperature changes that result in normal shingle expansion and contraction that cause microscopic cracks in the asphalt, which will eventually loosen and dislodge the granules, and C) the winter evening freeze thaw cycles common on the Island, that also break the granules away from the asphalt base. These combine to expose the asphalt to UV rays through the loss of the protective granules. The UV rays then dramatically accelerate the weathering process, and the ultimate destruction of the shingles.

The tiny granules, which cover the asphalt on a shingle, do not weather: they are ceramic covered stones, which can last forever when kept sealed in place on the roof.

Thanks to technology we can stop the weathering process on the roof by simply coating the shingle with a clear 100% elastomeric acrylic resin. Our acrylic roof sealer stops water infiltration into the asphalt, and bonds the granules to the shingle. It is now evident that 1 coat is all it takes to double or triple the expected lifespan of a shingle or torch on roof. This has obvious cost saving benefits, and greatly reduces your carbon footprint by not sending your old roof to the landfill.

Weatherproof (Seal) your roof with "Dr. Shields Canadian Roof Armor" and you’ll add years, and save thousands. Exclusive to Vancouver Island, Canadian Roof Armor stops granule loss in its tracks. With over 1,00 sealed roofs, BBB (“A+”) accreditation, and a 10-year warranty … you can trust, The Great Canadian Roof Doctor Inc. to add years to the life of your roof.

So, Don’t Re-Roof, Weatherproof!