How To Extend Shingles Lifespan


To prepare shingle roof surface for Weatherproofing (sealing), first clean, removing all moss dirt and algae, using a low pressure directed water spray. A pressure washer on a low setting (approx. 1500 to 2000 psi). Next, spray "Dr. Shields Canadian Roof Armor,” using an airless paint sprayer. Best applied in temperatures above 10 degrees in the sun or 15 degrees in the shade. Please consult with us if you are unsure or applying product in shoulder seasons. 

One coat is recommended with a spread rate of approx. 600 ft2 per 5 gallon bucket. Need help measuring your roof? Contact us we can usually measure your roof right from our office. 

The Great Canadian Roof Doctor Inc. has no control over the variables involved during the application of Dr. Shields Canadian Roof Armor when sold to the public. Therefore, the results of the application cannot and will not be guaranteed. However, if you follow our recommendations it is expected that you will have the same or similar results.  

When Dr. Shields Canadian Roof Amor is applied by The Great Canadian Roof Doctor Inc. you will receive either our of our exclusive 10-year or 50-Year Weatherproofing Warranty, unless stated otherwise. We have cleaned and sealed more then 1,500 roofs making the process efficient and easier for you, when you hire us. 

For Visual instructions watch our videos. For questions call toll free 1-888-677-6310 or email us at


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