It all started at the dinner table, when Brad Berekoff (Founder of The Great Canadian Roof Doctor Inc.) was chatting with his family about how the roofs are not lasting as long as they are supposed to be warrantied for.  30-Year, 40-Year, even “Lifetime Warranties” on roofs that in reality are only lasting 15 to 20 years, on average. “The granules are not sticking to the shingle”, Brad said. Just then Brad’s 4-year old daughter Mary, with spaghetti all over her face, looked up at him and said, “Daddy, why don’t you just glue it”? Out of the mouth of a babe, shortly after the idea came full circle & “Dr. Shields Canadian Roof Armor” was created. A “clear acrylic spray-on shingle protectant” engineered specifically to withstand the harsh Canadian climate, which would in turn weatherproof the roof shingles and make them last longer.

Five years later after “Dr. Shields Canadian Roof Armor.” has proven to exceed original expectations, The Great Canadian Roof Doctor Inc. team (Including Mary) are all pleased to announce that their original 5-year weatherproofing warranty has now doubled, as of 2017, to a 10-Year Weatherproofing warranty. A “No Leaks 50-Year warranty” is also available for roofs generally 6-years and newer.  Brad Berekoff and Bob Cassady, P.Eng. expect that the life expectancy of roof shingles when caught in time and weatherproofed (sealed) should at least double from an 18-year average life expectancy to at least 40 or 50-years.

The Great Canadian Roof Doctor Inc. is a family owned roofing contractor. The corporate office is located in Victoria, BC and has expanded with an office in Comox Valley & the Lower Mainland to better serve our customers throughout all of British Columbia. We currently offer our exclusive Weatherproofing option in British Columbia and are currently making plans to service the rest of Canada via franchise opportunities.  

In addition to installing, repairing, or cleaning (de-mossing) most roofs: metal, concrete tile, cedar, silicone, torch-on (flat), or fibreglass asphalt shingle … we also extend the lifespan of new or existing tile, torch-on, and asphalt shingle roofs by “weatherproofing” them, industrial metal roofs by coating them and cedar roofs by oiling them.

We will Weatherproof your roof (if it’s still in a good enough condition) with a restoring thorough deep cleaning, that we follow by coating the roof with a penetrating acrylic sealant … to protect your roof from moisture, keep your shingles’ layer of UV protective granules in place, and to extend your roof’s lifespan.

We guarantee no leaks due to granule loss or further asphalt surface deterioration! In addition, we warrant that the sealed asphalt surface will not deteriorate due to the effects of sun, rain, ice, snow, salt, hail, moss, algae, or from any combination of these. We improve wind and fire resistance, preserve your roof’s good looks, and will save you thousands too.

As for the “Roof Weatherproofing” industry? We continue to build it, one roof at a time. Some companies lead their industries, we created ours. We have an exclusive product with an exclusive process that you will not find from any other company. Now over 1,500 satisfied customers have skipped their next re-roofing & saved thousands by sealing their roofs with Dr. Shields Canadian Roof Armor.


Call now, & ask us if your roof qualifies for our exclusive 10-Year or 50-Year warranty. 


If you prefer to do it yourself, Dr. Shields Canadian Roof Amor is available for purchase across Canada. Order 5 gallon buckets from this website and have them shipped right to you.



I do not like my roof with moss,

I do not like its granule loss,

I do not like the UV rays,

That shorten shingles useful days.


Wind, Rain, and sun all make them yield.

I need a clear acrylic shield,

To stop that helpless feeling when,

The drips start in my home again.


My shingles make me want to cry.

I do not like it when they die.

I do not like my roof so sad.

I do not like it……bad, bad, bad.


by: The Great Canadian Roof Doctor Inc.

…..with apologies to the other “Doctor”