This limited warranty warrants that a coating of Dr. Shields Canadian Roof Armor, if applied by The Great Canadian Roof Doctor Inc., will adhere to asphalt shingles, and to the granules on those shingles for a period of 10 years from the date of application.  We further warrant that there will be no leaks due to granule loss for the 10 years, and that there will be no leaks due to further normal deterioration of the shingles’ asphalt layer beneath the coated granules for 10 years.

Although normal anticipated substances can still land on or form on the shingles after they are sealed, and can remain there for varying periods of time; we warrant that the sealed surface will not deteriorate due to the effects of sun, rain, ice, snow, salt, hail, moss, algae, or from any combination of these.

We do not warrant your roof or home against fire damage; but because the sealant will not burn, support a flame, or create smoke … we do warrant that the sealant will not contribute to spreading any fire. We expect, but do not warrant, that the sealant will reduce the possibility of a roof fire that originates from outside of your home.

Although wind can rip shingles off roofs, or otherwise damage them, the effect will be lessened (or higher winds will be tolerated) due to the coating’s smoothing of the shingle to shingle transition, where strong winds could otherwise catch and lift a shingle. Despite this improvement to existing shingle wind resistance, wind damage is not covered by this limited warranty.

Unlike conventional roofing warranties, this warranty is not voided if the roof is a “low slope” or even a zero slope roof. It is not voided if someone walks on your roof to do roof inspections, to clean your roof, or to service or install normal roof features such as gutters, vents, skylights, chimneys, or solar panels. The warranty would only be voided in this case if the coating was deliberately removed by someone on the roof, without re-sealing the affected area with our coating.

This warranty does NOT cover the prevention of shingle or roof damage or deterioration, or shingle granule loss, caused by (but not limited to): pre-existing leaks, faulty, deteriorated, or non-existing roof underlayment, rotting, or any other roof or shingle deterioration that existed before the sealing was done. Such pre-existing causes of leaks/damage could include shingle buckling due to improper installation, nail “popping” (lifting) of nails, the use of boards (which can cause shingle cupping) rather than sheeting as the underlying structure, faulty sealing strips that can lead to shingle lifting and loss/leaks, or leaks/damage due to flashing failures.

If our sealant fails within the limited warranty period, the sealant will be repaired or replaced, at the affected area(s), at the expense of The Great Canadian Roof Doctor Inc.: for both the supply of the sealant, and the labour to apply it.

This warranty for your roof coating, is transferrable from owner to owner, should ownership of the roof change.

This warranty does not reduce in its coverage with time (pro-rating), other than terminating after 10 years.

Dr. Shields Canadian Roof Armor was applied (date): ______________________________

for (name): ________________________________________

at (location): ________________________________________

For Job #:  ____ SAMPLE____

The next recommended time to clean and re-seal the roof is: (date)_____________________


50 Year Limited Warranty (if authorized)

50 Year Warranty authorized by: ____________________ Date: _________________________

The 50 year warranty is applicable only for asphalt shingle roofs that are installed by The Great Canadian Roof Doctor Inc. (original or re-roofing), and only for those that have the shingles sealed with Dr. Shields Canadian Roof Armor by The Great Canadian Roof Doctor within one year of the installation of the new asphalt shingles.

The 50 year limited Warranty is identical to the 10 year limited warranty except that all references to “10 years” in the 10 year limited warranty are replaced with “50 years”, and that in addition to the initial clean and seal at roof year 1, additional clean and seal treatments are performed by The Great Canadian Roof Doctor, and with Dr. Shields Canadian Roof Armor, and at the customer’s cost, at roof year 15, at roof year 30, and at roof year 40.

For Job #: ____ SAMPLE____

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