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Dr. Shields Canadian Roof Armor, a product of The Great Canadian Roof Doctor Inc. is available for purchase across Canada. We service Vancouver Island, Lower Mainland & the Thompson Okanogan. 

Roof shingles across Canada need replacement after 15 to 20 years on average, despite manufacturers frivolous 30 & 50 year warranties. Landfills are filled with millions of tons of roof waste every year. Until now, no one in Canada has addressed this problem.

In 2011 The Great Canadian Roof Doctor Inc. developed Dr. Shields Canadian Roof Armor, as Canada’s first Weatherproofing roof sealer, a clear acrylic penetrating spray-on shingle protectant designed to Weatherproof your current roof shingles by gluing the protective granules in place and stoping the drying out process of the asphalt. With an exclusive, "No Leaks 10-Year & 50-Year Warranty" one coat is projected to at least double shingle life expectancy from their 18-year average lifespan to more then 40 or 50 years. This has obvious cost saving benefits and reduces your carbon footprint by not sending your old roof to the landfill. For a fraction of the cost of a new roof, we will apply our exclusive Weatherproofing roof sealer on your existing roof shingles. Have moss, dirt, algae? No problem, we clean & then seal, your roof will look brand new when we are finished.

Roof lives matter, join our growing list of of over 1,500 customers who have decided to skip their next re-roofing. Call now to see if your roof qualifies for our exclusive, "No Leaks 10-Year or 50-Year Warranty." We are now booking weatherproofing orders into Aug/Sept 2019. 


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Roof lives matter, eh?